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SnowMaker: An LGBT Fantasy Western

The cover of SnowMaker. A white owl flies past two cowboys holding hands. It leaves a mysterious trail of snowflakes behind it.


Desolate. Lawless. Wild.
A land where Bandits rule,
And supernatural creatures known as Primes
Wield the forces of Nature like deadly weapons.
The West is no place to start a life,
Let alone to fall in love,
But for Cazo Briggs, there was never any other choice.

From the moment he felt the first hint of attraction for another boy, Cazo knew there could be no life for him in the world where he grew up. So, he fled to a place where anything was possible. He fled to the West.

The experience nearly killed him.

Now, having barely survived his journey, it looks like he’s finally found the life he’s been searching for. He has a good job on a cattle ranch – and he has the heart of the ranch’s ruggedly handsome cowhand, Zee. But the oasis Cazo finds himself in may turn out to be little more than a mirage. When a notorious bandit comes to town looking to settle an old score with Zee, Cazo learns that the past is not so easily outrun – and that his happy ending might not have been as final as he would have liked.

Trapped on the ranch, Cazo must do battle to save the life he loves. His enemy is ruthless, and the ranch has many secrets – some that could help him, and some that could do him harm. Defeating the bandit will take everything Cazo has, and before the dust settles, he will have to ask himself one very important question: Just how much of his new life is really worth saving?

SNOWMAKER is a fantasy western set in a reimagined West. Here, powerful creatures known as Primes roam the frontier, and daring Wranglers risk their lives to capture them. Experience the beginning of a thrilling western saga!

Coming August 2021:

MoonCatcher: An LGBT Fantasy Western

After surviving a deadly encounter with the bandit Rattlesnake Rose, Cazo Briggs is happy to say that life is finally returning to normal – or as normal as life gets when your boyfriend is a wanted outlaw. But when a powerful creature known as the MoonCatcher contacts him for help, Cazo makes the decision to return to that land of wonder and danger – the West.

His journey takes him to the western plains, where the native Redhands wage an endless war with the Republic for control of the land. And if Cazo thinks he can stay out of the conflict and not take sides, he has another thing coming. The MoonCatcher waits in the Sombre Hills, the very heart of the Redhands’ territory, and this secretive tribe isn’t letting any outsider near it without a fight.

Fortunately, Cazo isn’t alone in his quest. With the help of allies, old and new, he hopes to set the MoonCatcher free. But in the West nothing is permanent, and allegiances can shift as easily as the wind blowing through the high prairie grasses. Cazo’s deepest assumptions – and strongest relationships – will be stressed to their breaking points, but if he can hold it all together, he may be able to wrangle one of the most powerful Primes of them all.

MOONCATCHER is a fantasy western set in a reimagined West. Here, powerful creatures known as Primes roam the frontier, and daring wranglers risk their lives to capture them. To read the Wranglers series from the beginning, check out SNOWMAKER.