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SnowMaker: An LGBT Fantasy Western


The cover of SnowMaker. A white owl flies past two cowboys holding hands. It leaves a mysterious trail of snowflakes behind it.


A fantasy western set in a reimagined West. Here, powerful creatures known as Primes roam the frontier, and daring Wranglers risk their lives to capture them.

In this first installment, Cazo Briggs finds the stable life he has built for himself in a western boom town upended by the sudden appearance of a deadly figure from his boyfriend’s past.

MoonCatcher: An LGBT Fantasy Western



Book 2 in the Prime Wranglers saga, and the direct sequel to SnowMaker. In this adventure, Cazo follows a mysterious Prime out onto the High Plains, where he gets wrapped up in a conflict between his native Republic and the Tribal nation known as the Redhands.


LifeBringer: An LGBT Fantasy Western



Book 3 in the Prime Wranglers saga, and the conclusion of Cazo’s story. This time, a reeling Cazo and his allies retreat to the desert fortress of the Acanti people to stage one final defense against the menacing Republic.