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Homegrown Story

At Flowerbox Books, you’ll find stories you won’t find anywhere else. Why? It has to do with how we “grow” them.

Whether it’s a Hollywood blockbuster, a highly-acclaimed show on your streaming service of choice, or a bestselling novel, so many of the stories we come across today are written with the money in mind. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, we here at Flowerbox Books worry that too many interesting, exciting, and romantic stories don’t get told simply because they don’t stand to turn a big profit.

Flowerbox Books aren’t concerned with marketability. They are expressions of longing, hope, and desire, crafted by two hands and one heart. They may not speak to everyone, but we’ll go on growing them up and showing them here in the window, in the hopes that maybe one of them will speak to you.

About the Author

Hi there! My name is Aaron, and I write the stories we sell here at Flowerbox Books. I have been writing for the past ten years, but for much of that time I was pursuing traditional publication. Like so many other aspiring authors, my dream was to see my very own book on the shelf of my local bookstore – and maybe to one day be interviewed by Oprah. Over time, though, it became apparent to me that the reason my stories weren’t selling wasn’t because they were bad or unworthy, but because they just weren’t right for the market. While I have always been eager to better my skills, I was unwilling to change the kinds of stories I wanted to tell. And so Flowerbox Books was born!

An inveterate taker-of-walks and singer-in-the-shower, I am a fan of Pokémon, Harry Potter, daytime soap operas, and musical theater who will never say “no” to some takoyaki.