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Welcome to Flowerbox Books! Here, we tell all kind of stories – fantasy, adventure, romance – all from a Queer perspective. Take a look around and see what we have for you. One thing we can guarantee: You won’t find stories like these anywhere else.

Coming February 2021

SnowMaker: An LGBT Fantasy Western

Desolate. Lawless. Wild.
A land where Bandits rule,
And supernatural creatures known as Primes
Wield the forces of Nature like deadly weapons.
The West is no place to start a life,
Let alone to fall in love,
But for Cazo Briggs, there was never any other choice.

Homegrown Story

At Flowerbox Books, you’ll find stories you won’t find anywhere else. Why? It has to do with how we “grow” them.

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Take a look through our current titles and upcoming releases to satisfy any of your reading wants and needs!

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